1:400 Gemini Jets

Want to make a model airport?

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It’s every aviation geek’s dream to build there own model airport, I would know because I am one!! And luckily for you, I’ve made one! I’m going to show you and tell you everything you need for a basic 1:400 scale airport!!

First thing first…

You need a terminal and mat!! But you’re saying wait where do I get that? Look no further I got you!!

Gemini Jets 1-400 GJARPTB Terminal Set44; Airport Airside – Land Side 1-400 <– Click the name to shop on Amazon and save $50!! on the terminal and FREE prime shipping 

Well, now you need planes! Airports never have no planes unless.. it’s such down, but your airport isn’t shut down!!

Here are some American base airline models!!:

Delta A321
American B777-300ER
United B737 MAX 9
United A320
Delta B757-300WL
United B787-10
Hawaiian A320-300

Check out many many more planes here!!

NEXT you need airport vehicles!! that service the planes at the airport!! (click any of the pictures to go to amazon *all products have Amazon prime FREE two day shipping*

Now that you have all the supplies, what are you going to put your airport on? I personally put it on a wooden platform that you can get at your local hardware store. Or you can put in on a table of some sort after you put everything together its always fun to look at your model planes and give them destination let your imagination run wild!! Make up your airport name, mine was Lincoln International Airport. You can also base your airport on a real airport.

Model airports are a great for any aviation geek because it allows you to show your passion in another way than flying on the sim or flying in real life, it’s also a fantastic conversation piece in your room or anywhere in your house! Good luck with your construction!!!